Thursday, November 6, 2014

"Bombproof" Feed Troughs

The farm I rent down the road has some interesting feed troughs that are really just some re-purposed military surplus bomb shipping containers.   

The government probably spent a pile of money to buy them, they likely traveled around the world a few times, were sold as surplus for pennies on the dollar, and now they're living out the rest of their lives as almost perfectly designed indestructible cattle feed troughs.

It might be me, but I kind of like stuff like that.  

Even though I don't really use feed troughs very often, if I ever found some for sale I'd like to buy some for myself.  If I was going into the cattle feed trough building and selling business, I'd think long and hard about using the same sort of design, although I don't know if they'd be as interesting without the back story that military surplus bomb shipping containers would have.
"Bombproof" Feed Trough
Upside-down "Bombproof" Feed Trough
Shipping & Storage Container, Bomb Dispenser: XM 468


  1. Never seen anyone using bomb containers for feed troughs up here. Very neat. I did use a WWII ammo can to waterproof my camera, journal and a few other things when boating down the grand canyon. That worked well too.

    1. There was a time about 10-12 years ago that I had a burning desire to own one of those military surplus trucks (either a 2 1/2 ton for the better mileage or a 5 ton because it was bigger). At the time, it was possible to buy one that was running for around $5000, or they were selling them at government auctions for less than a $1000.

      Taking something like a Harley out for a spin on the weekends seems mildly cool, but taking a 5-ton military truck out for a Sunday drive seems much cooler and more interesting.